A specialty drug administered in the physician’s office consistently received feedback their portal required too much data entry was causing providers not to utilize the brands hub services. Specifically practices wanted to see a seamless interface that could transmit patient demographics from the EMR into the brand portal and after dispensing a drug to a patient in the brand portal, record the interaction in the practice EMR.

In addition a competing portal from another drug brand integrated with three select EMR’s represented a significant reason why clinics wouldn’t switch drug brands. This hurdle was almost impossible to overcome during the sales process and the brand needed a response.


Careform’s intent was to level the playing field among pharma brands by providing a better brand portal that would also serve as a competitive advantage for its brand client.

On behalf of the pharma brand, Careform interviewed dozens of providers to understand the challenges with their portals and understand the best possible workflow. 

Insights gathered:

  • The current systems integration didn’t sync data quickly enough to meet the needs of a clinics patient flow.
  • The current system offered limited support of three EMR systems.
  • Providers needed integration flexibility. For instance, some providers wanted only patient demographics, including insurance to complete the benefit verification support forms. Others wanted a bi-directional interface that included recording dispensing information from the brand portal into the EMR.

Careform then decided on a technical approach that would provide the most flexibility for interface with, not just one, but virtually any EMR or practice management system (PM) that would come into the market.

A technical backbone was built that included an interface that could be quickly mapped to any integration technology made available by the EMR or PM system.

A version of the brand portal was configured to accept the new EMR interface. It included the following features:

  • Real-time bi-directional data synchronization between the provider systems and brand portal
  • Automatic creation of patients in the brand portal with all demographic and physician order information.
  • Automatic push completion of physician orders from the brand portal to the practice systems.
  • Detailed reporting and real-time monitoring of system connection status to ensure the practice always has visibility to the integration.


The new system became a strong enough competitive advantage that a provider (with the largest pharma brand account) transitioned to Careform’s new system. A second provider agreed and transitioned to a new pharma brand.

Provider CEOs said the transition was easy due to Careform’s simple interface and implementation process.

  • Providers enjoyed increased visibility from product purchase to patient dispensing and final billing reconciliation.
  • Strong compliance with the provider team resulting in all patient orders being tracked
  • A decrease in missed injections for patients
  • Elimination in inefficient keystroking since all input functions were completed with a mouse and not the additional need for a computer keyboard
  • Due to the new transparency, physicians could continue using the EMR as a single system for their patient records
  • As data entry was no longer a barrier for the support staff, providers started expanding their interaction beyond dispensing to patients to include accessing the brand’s reimbursement support – also run by Careform.

Key Initiatives

  • Use of provider insights to inform software solutions
  • Tech solutions for a seamless workflow
  • Real-time bi-directional data sync between providers and pharma brand
  • Automated creation of patient records
  • Automated push of physician orders
  • Detailed reporting